Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Turning waste to energy - the new approach

Hello, from a long absence I’m here again to update you of interesting new technologies!

Reading about what my friends have written in my blog since I left really makes me impressed how much promising technologies there are out there! What about power from the people where humans in the future will be able to power their own pacemakers. To be our own slef sustaining energy sources, wouldn't that be a most sustainable outcome! 

This reminded me of a lecture I had in water and waste treatment a few weeks ago where my teacher mentionned microbial fuel cells that you can read more about here or watch for example here. The fuelcells themselves might not be any news, but if they are applied on wastewater treatment plants they can be an alternative to the wastewater energy production from gas.

The world energy demand will increase with almost the double between 2003 and 2030 and as soon as this morning I heard that Sweden won't reach our target to decrease our energy consumption per capita by 2015 - it will increase! So Microbial fuel cells - turning waste to energy, could be the answer to our prairs in a few years. Especially in places where wastewater treatment is sophisticated because of its cost- and energy efficiency. Wouldn't the future be great if we could rename wastewater tretment plants power plants instead?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Increasing Capacity of Wireless Data Transfer Using Light

Here is a video on how using the visible light spectrum would allow us to increase our wireless data transfer capabilities, make wireless data more efficient and greener, more secure, and provide opportunities for integration into systems where wireless data transfer by radio waves is limited.