Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Osmotic Power

Credit to Norway, let's hope this technology, which i've actually seen years ago, proves economic. Development of membranes is the current issue.

This power plant uses the principal of osmotic pressure where fresh water meets salt water.


  1. most of norway's energy comes from hydroelectric, doesnt it? so this is an obvious innovation for them.

    Where else can this be used?

  2. This can be used anywhere where fresh water runs into salt water. The potential for electricity is detailed in the video.

  3. Interesting entry. I've also heard about reverse osmotic technologies applied to water purification, but in that case the water travels the other way. Even though it in that case is a problem with what to do with the excess products produced, read salt, and the enormous energy consumption. I also keep my fingers crossed for improved membrane technologies!